Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines 6100(+6334)

The Heart of Tumandok Crafts

Tumandok Crafts Industries
is an eco-enterprise that is committed to giving people a close encounter with nature. The group behind the export-quality products envisions their company to be on the forefront of the handicraft industry that uses indigenous materials found around Negros. Both their materials and their technology are environment-friendly.The products they create are innovative and highly relevant in our changing world. Naturally occuring materials are the main ingredients in their wares. And they are proud to report that their use of indigenous materials has helped to preserve the forests of the province of Negros.

Tumandok Crafts has successfully created extraordinary products from ordinary materials. The skilled hands behind each artful piece make sure that the quality of their products can go with the rapid progress that societies here and abroad are experiencing.

Yet, despite effectively bringing handicrafts a notch higher from being a mere backyard endeavor because of their new techonology and modernistic designs, the company does not forget its roots but rather exalts it wherever they go. Hence the name, Tumandok, which literally means, “Native”.


Socially & Economically empowered communities for the Glory of God


Tumandok Crafts Industries is a God-centered manufacturing company of highly relevant and innovative world class indigenous based home furniture and accessories.


Love of God – ARISE !

Respect for Creation
Service to Community