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Ant Nest

The inspiration…

English Name:
Ant Nest
Local Name: Pugad sang lamigas

img_lamp material_antnestDescription of Innovation
Normally bay-ad shells are gathered for its tasty meat, the meat is only around 10% of the total body weight. Usually the shell is broiled to extract the meat. After extraction the empty shell is thrown away or discarded. It seems that the shell have no more use because of its irregular shapes and becomes brittle after broiling. To use this shells as a material for our lumina and furniture accent poses a design challenge.

As a company who seek a non-violent peaceful co-existence with our environment discarded empty bay-ad shells had been collected by our company. Through our dynamic R & D tool we have incorporated modern technology to preserve the raw bay-ad shell by applying resin into the inner surface to make it hard. We sanded the outer portion to remove the calcium deposits. When clean and almost translucent they are soaked and washed with a detergent solution, let dry and sorted for our different inlaying requirement.

Design Innovation
As already mentioned above using bay-ad shells as a material inlay for a specific design or pattern is a challenge. In the past we have cut them into small geometrical shapes and strips but when laminated the original look and character was lost.

Utilizing the ant nest as a model, we studied the pattern inlay of the dried leaves.

We inlay the shells from the substrate and retain the original shape and form of the bay-ad shells, inlaying them like the dried leaves of the ant nest removing only small parts that interfere with the inlay sequence. The result is a departure from the ant nest look, introducing a kind of semi-natural product with a modern contemporary look

We believe that this is a design/product innovation since we have utilized discarded shells, re-cycling them and turn them into wall sconce, lighted mirrors, illuminated console and center tables, accent lamps and corner accent vases and table vases.